About Us

Me & my girl, Kimberly Juniper (Kimbi Juni)


For those of you who don't know me, my name is Lily. I am the founder and curator of Eversince Artistry.

Eversince Artistry is an art marketplace that features a collection of thoughtfully handcrafted black ash baskets made by master craftswomen Alice Ogden. 

If like me, you support: a lifestyle that values quality over quantity, small businesses, preserving traditional techniques, empowering artists, AND surrounding yourself with beautiful handcrafted, sustainably sourced, ethically made, and eco-friendly products then look no further!

At Eversince Artistry, we understand conscious commerce has the power to transform the world, so we strive to put caring for others and the planet in the center of everything we do. Driven by an unrelenting desire to co-create a world that’s smarter, kinder, and more beautiful I welcome you to do the same.

Be kind, do good & support the arts.

- Lily