Thoughtfully Handcrafted

Alice Ogden of Salisbury, New Hampshire is a traditional black ash basketmaker. Considered a master of her trade, she has been making baskets for more than 40 years. Her baskets are especially prized by collectors all over the country for their traditional craftmanship. None of her materials are store bought and each basket is crafted entirely of materials collected from the woods and swamps of New Hampshire and prepared by hand. Alice’s husband, Brad, is a professional logger and uses his skills to keep Alice supplied with high quality black ash and white oak trees. Alice prepares the logs, strips the splints, and then refines and cuts the splints for basket weaving. Learn more about the entire process that Alice uses, from logs to baskets to finishing with whittled handles.

About Alice Ogden


Alice Ogden’s baskets were featured in the 2018 Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

  • Nuts for Baskets!

    Alice has been hard at work getting everyone's favorite acorn basket in stock! Stay tuned for multiple different sizes.

  • Hanging Plant Basket

    Inspired by warming weather, Alice is already thinking of spring and has begun playing with designs for a hanging plant basket. Stay tuned for more info!

  • Yoga Basket

    Alice Ogden custom made me this yoga basket and it's absolutely perfect! Alice is working on making more yoga baskets so they can she shared with other yogi's too!